After the madness of the autumn/winter sales season and then the whirlwind of a family Christmas returning to the studio felt like a welcome breath of fresh air. But first it needed a good clean. My work space is generally in a state of organised chaos  but after 3 months of solid making the mess was getting ridiculous. You can just see my lovely new velux window in the top left corner. It makes an amazing difference to the light in the studio but the installation left a fine layer of dust on top of the jumble of tools, materials and odds and end that littered every surface. So I  spent a lovely, peaceful morning pottering, tidying, sorting, dusting, cleaning and generally getting ready for the new year and some new work. The studio went from this

to this

I know. It is still a mess. I spent hours tidying and by the time I had done an afternoons work it was chaos again. I thinks it’s reflective of my current state of mind – there are so many things going on that the best way to keep track of them is to have everything out at once. I have work in an exhibition at the Bilston Craft Gallery, I am making new work for the Lost and Found exhibition at The Beetroot Tree in Derbyshire and for the Love Letters showcase at The Harley Gallery in Nottinghamshire, I am planning a set of workshops at the wonderful Debbie Bryan Studio and Shop in April, I am working on a brand new collection  and I’m teaching myself  bead stringing and stone setting to add a bit of sparkle to this collection, not to mention preparing stock for my first selling event of 2012 – SOCK in Loughborough in March. And I though January would be a quiet month.