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 To whet your appetite here are a few photos of my work being professionally modeled by Miriam Rodriguez-Juarez  and photographed by Sam Gallagher.

Sunday was a beautiful hot and sunny day so it seemed a shame to spend most of it in a stuffy photography studio but I’m very glad we did. The jewellery looked amazing on Miriam and Sam is a great photographer (she has already photographed my work on a previous shoot for designer Katherine Kerrison) so I know the final photos will be gorgeous.


A little bit of a belated post but Sunday 12th June saw me up  (very) early and on my way to Holmfirth in Yorkshire for their spring Art Market. They hold two pairs of art markets on consecutive Sundays  every year – one set in June to coincide with Holmfirth Art Week and another pair in November. I’m hoping to be there again on the 13th of November.

The Art Market

It was a brilliant day. Despite the constant rain the market was bustling and the standard of work was really high. I met loads of lovely new customers and sent some jewellery off to new homes.  For now though,  I wanted to share with you the work of some of the talented designers I met there and the things I most wanted to take home with me.

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It’s been a very busy making week. I’m working towards an art market in Holmfirth this coming Sunday, 12th June and I have been putting in plenty of hours at the workbench to make sure I’ve got lots of lovely things to take with me. I’ve been working on loads of different pieces – Wristwatch bracelets, Good Advice necklaces, Wordsmith rings, Keyring pendants and all sorts of other bits and pieces, but until I get the final labels on them they just don’t feel finished.

I label every piece I make with a small manila luggage tag, with my logo and website stamped on one side and a hand written description of the materials used in the piece on the other side. The materials I work with are such a central theme of my work it’s important to me that people know what each piece is made of – sometimes it’s obvious but sometimes it’s not.

And there is nothing quite as satisfying as a pile of finished, labelled and bagged up pieces of jewellery waiting to start their new lives.

Hello and welcome to the design blog for Alys Power Design. I am a jewellery designer/maker specialising in original and unique pieces hand crafted from vintage and precious materials. My work explores the challenges of forgotten and discarded articles into objects of beauty and value. I work from my home studio in Nottingham, England and sell work through local and national shops and galleries and at regional craft fairs and arts market. More info and online shop can be found on my website xx

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